Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pictures 1966-1969

After much debate I think we have decided this is the Red River in New Mexico. I think they
came to this conclusion because this is about the age my Uncle Ricky was when him and
my Mom were walking their little dogie by the river and it escaped it's leash and fell into the Red River.
The foot chase was on to catch the little guy in the Red River. Not to worry though this story has a
happy ending. Finally the dog was able to paddle to shore and be rescued.

Red River, New Mexico 196-1969

Uncle Ricky fishing on the Red River

Red River, New Mexico

My Grandmother, Mom and Uncle Ricky

Haven't a clue where this lake is but it sure looks lovely.

My Grandmother 1966-1969

My Mom Becky and Uncle Ricky playing like only brothers and sisters can.

Uncle Ricky by the fire, I am not sure who the adult is.

No clue the name of the camp site or what city located in but look at those colors.

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