Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Times

This is my Mom and Uncle Ricky swimming. Where? Your guess is as good as mine but it looks warm and I
really want to be some place warm right now!

This was  a pretty cool find in my Papa's slides. Kit Carson was a famous explorer and even traveled with
Fremont who downtown Las Vegas is named after.

I love this photo my Papa took. It looks like it could be anywhere in the world. In the middle of the Swiss Alps or
just right around the corner in Colorado.

My Uncle love bikes. Even as a adult he was a motorcycle police officer. The need for speed!

What a handsome little guy!

In this photo is my history, where I come from. This is both sets of my Great Grand Parents on my Mom's side. Nearest Uncle Ricky (who couldn't get off the bike even for a photo lol) is Grandmother's Mother and Father, she is in the center of them and next to them
is my Grandfather's Mother and Father. Where Mom was when the family photo was taken who knows...

Doesn't my Mom just look super bored lol.

Family Picnic. My Mom and my Great Grandparents on one bench. I can't really tell who is across form them.

Now this is of my Uncle Ricky but who the other two boys are I don't know.

This beautiful lady is a my Papa's Sister Audry.

No idea where this is but again it looks warm!

Kind of a random swimming hole in the middle of no where it appears.

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